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Liquid Lawn Seed Spray

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Environmentally conscious and safe for use around children and pets when sprayed. Our formula supports natural and flawless grass growth in your blind backyard spots.
Environmentally conscious and safe for use around children and pets when sprayed. Our formula supports natural and flawless grass growth in your blind backyard spots.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1113 reviews
Cody Ortiz
Super for a yard of striped shade

My yard is situated half in the shade and the other half in the sun all day. The grass doesn't grow equally and it makes my garden ugly. With this seed spray, I was able to uniform the lawn. It looks weird green at first because of the spray, but then it grows great grass.

Bethany Larson
The clients I work with have increased thanks to this product

I work as a gardener and have always wanted my clients to be happy with my work. I discovered this product and it has made my job much easier. I don't have to worry about weather conditions anymore. My customers are very happy and the clients I work with have increased.

Aubrey French
Game changer

I've wanted my lawn to be green for a long time, but I always plant grass seed and it doesn't grow like it should. I have tried all kinds of products and never got the desired result. This product is a game changer. With very minimal effort I was able to green my yard. An equally flat lawn and the grass looks very fresh.

Rebecca Estrada
Perfect for people without gardening knowledge

My husband and I recently bought a house with a yard. We fixed up the whole house and it was yard time. I ordered this product because I don't understand much about gardening and the spray seemed very easy to use. The result is great. Green lawn without much effort

Kristopher Brock
Perfect on a mini football field

I have a guest house that I rent out for the weekends. I have a very big yard with a mini football field. Every month I am busy planting new grass where it gets trampled by the games. Thanks to this product, it doesn't take much of my time anymore. I just spray with the spray and I'm sure the grass will grow evenly.

Olive Armstrong
No more tiles by the pool

We recently decided to get a pool in the backyard, but I've never liked the tiles around here because they are slippery. I wanted to plant grass along it, but the seeds weren't planting properly and it wasn't coming out nice. With this spray I was able to fix that problem. I just spray and a few weeks later I have perfect grass.

Carlton Barber
Love to do garden parties

Thanks to the spray my garden is perfect. I am no longer ashamed to have garden parties.

David Zimmerman
We celebrate birthdays in the yard

I have a centre for children's birthday parties and have recently decided to start doing parties outside in the summer too. I needed to fix up the garden quickly and with the help of this spray I was able to. The grass is growing perfect and very green. The mothers who bring their children here constantly ask me how I manage to keep it up.

Hattie Maldonado
Perfectly green

This product is great. My lawn is finally perfectly green without much effort.

Jeanne Erickson
My grandchildren love to play in the yard

I have grandchildren and they love to play in the backyard. It's a little shady and there's no grass anywhere. Thanks to this product I was able to make my yard green. My grandchildren really enjoy being able to chase each other in the yard and have picnics on the grass

Liquid Lawn Seed Spray

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