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Best Training Collar for Small Dogs

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Rebuild your connection with your furry friend. Stop barking, jumping, and chaos. Bring back peace with gentle training using sound and vibration. Enjoy the happiness of a well-behaved pet.

Rebuild your connection with your furry friend. Stop barking, jumping, and chaos. Bring back peace with gentle training using sound and vibration. Enjoy the happiness of a well-behaved pet.

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No More Unwanted Behaviors

Say goodbye to all those unwanted behaviors that have been causing you and your furry friend stress and frustration.

Train Smart & Better

Gain peace and connection as our long-range training collar effectively resolves behavioral issues, making life with your pet more enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Terrance Hart
Keep your cat safe

Perfect for Keeping Tabs on my Semi-Feral Garden Cat. I adopted a semi-feral garden cat from a local rescue recently, and I was worried about her hiding or wandering off after rehoming her to my yard. After some research on tracker options, I decided to get this based on the long battery life, the relatively small size, and the price point. I've now been using this device for about 5 months and I love it!

Kay Sanchez
I'm finding my cat every time

It takes a little practice, but it works great. I'm finding my cat every time. She hears the beeping noise, starts meowing and coming to me. The beeping gets louder as she approaches. I bring her home and then feed her, so she knows it's food time. Then she always responds the next time I go looking.

Mattie Nunez
Helpful tool for locating your pet

Works well and is easy to use. My cat loves to roam the woods around our house but doesn' t always come home when called. I don't mind looking for him but never know which direction to start. This has been a very helpful tool for locating him. It is very accurate and the app is easy to use. I Love the live tracking feature so I always have an idea where he is. This is a great product and well worth the price..

Andrea Baker
Track your pets from your phone

My cat is a outside indoor cat. He uses the the doggie door. I bought this because I live in a downtown area and wanted to make sure I could find him. I love it! I can track him from phone. No yearly fee. Highly recommend! I bought one for the dog as well. Have not used it yet.

Roderick Hicks
Perfect for anyone who's animal goes outside

We've had one of these for a year or two, and when we thought we'd lost our cat, we found her. This one I sent to my sister. Her husband died almost two years ago, so she went to the Humane Society and adopted an older cat. She keeps telling me she doesn't know what she would do w/o him, so I ordered her one of these trackers for just in case. I would definitely recommend this tracker for anyone who's animal goes outside.

Glen Coleman
Excellent quality

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I tried a device that worked only on Bluetooth once before and it was useless. It would show my cat being two streets away when she was standing right next to me in the house. This one is completely different. Extremely accurate.

Margarita Barker
Best for wooded area

This is not our first tracker. By far it’s the best one we’ve owned ! Accuracy is great. We live in a wooded area where most trackers have struggled but not this one ! The live feature is awesome, we can go find him at midnight anywhere in the area. The history feature is so much fun ! We had no idea he was going so far away. Battery life is sufficient. We recharge every night although most days it’s at 65%. Excellent value, reliable. Would definitely purchase again. Our cat is 17lbs so the size of the device is fine.

Bob Floyd
Give me peace by knowing where my cat is

Wow it actually really works! I literally never write reviews but I was so pleased with this tracker! This has helped give me so much peace of mind with my wandering cat. The tracker will show you real time movement which is awesome. I’ve had it a week and haven’t had to charge it once yet. I was worried it would be too clunky on my cat but he’s not bothered by it at all. I immediately bought a second gps tracker for my other cat.

Grant Ramos
Battery has lasted more than a month

Excellent if cats don’t stray too far. I originally wanted a gps tracker but this one fits my needs perfectly. The battery has lasted more than a month with minimal depletion and I’ve been able to find my cats all over our house and yard. (And neighbors yard.) It does show their movements over time, which is fun. It’s excellent at helping you find your cat at any given moment.

Best Training Collar for Small Dogs

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