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"Working like a charm to keep the neighborhood cats out of my landscape areas in front of my house!" -David Green

Ultrasonic Deer Repeller - Solar Powered

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Your backyard is overrun with animals? Get rid of them. This Ultrasonic Deer Repeller uses top-of-the-line technology to provide you with an option for repelling unwanted animals and pests of any area.
Your backyard is overrun with animals? Get rid of them. This Ultrasonic Deer Repeller uses top-of-the-line technology to provide you with an option for repelling unwanted animals and pests of any area.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Mack Moore
5 out of 5 stars

The installation of the mole repellent was very easy and user-friendly. I installed them as shown in the instructions at the beginning on one side of the property and then a few weeks later so that the moles escape the sound in one direction. Since then, around 2 months later, there hasn't been a single more molehills and the problem has been solved.

Charlotte Dennis
Finally Effect

We live outside the city and experience a mole attack every year in autumn. First of all, we removed the entire lawn area in 2003 and laid out wire fence, above it new lawn: We had 12 years of rest. We had not secured the edges separately, so in 2015 again voles and later new moles moved in. Initially, the very strong vibration alarms were successful, but one morning we found a giant hill right next to the vibrator. So we ordered these usotronic solar vibrators . The old vibrators were annoying noisy, they work in a more pleasant pitch and see: No more new attacks.

Cecelia Montgomery
Amazing gadget

So installed the rods, which easily picked up their beep and rustling. No more holls in my garden. I am in love with this device. It saved my garden.

Don Gross
Clear buy recommendation. The moles are gone.

I'm thrilled with this mole repellent. The moles have gone out and we haven't had any problems with molehills in the lawn so far. However, I also stuffed dog hair into the mulch throws. This combination has proven itself so far. Clear buy recommendation!

Beatrice Little
Does and does what it promises

The plug was immediately ready for use. Vole successfully expelled after a few weeks.

Kelly Murphy
Top product

We have a fairly large garden and have discovered molehills every now and then and also saw a mouse or two. Since we found this product, we have had peace of mind so far. We hope it stays that way.

Harry Fletcher
Great device. Reccomend it

Good material, sturdy and seems to work well too. Does it's job. No more problems in my garden.

Enrique Wilson

I am very satisfied with the operation of the devices - no more new mound in the garden! Had other products unsuccessfully in use and provided the devices with mixed feelings, I am now convinced! Sensibly, I open the ground with a narrow shovel and put the device about 25 cm in the ground. I can only recommend that the earth be stuck all around, turn it on and the plague spirits move on.

Sarah Baldwin
No more Mole hills

I have been having issues with my garden, every day i wake up and just see mole holes everywhere, installed the two i got now, it Actually helped. I wake up now, feeling good about my garden. Good product, really recommend it to everyone having the same issue.

Marsha Aguilar
It actually takes several days but it works

He's gone, and yes, it took several days. It was as described, at first it became much more lively and worse, but now it is quiet. Today I deactivated the 3 channels and sent them into a well-deserved hibernation.