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Growth LED Lamp

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The Fastest and Easiest Way To Grow Your Plants In No Time! This plant grows light and can better satisfy the plant's desire for light by applying different spectral LEDs.
The Fastest and Easiest Way To Grow Your Plants In No Time! This plant grows light and can better satisfy the plant's desire for light by applying different spectral LEDs.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Mary Black
My chilliplants grow well at home

My chilliplants from the garden now thrive in the house despite November weather, bloom extensively and produce many chillis. The lamp can be hung easily on the wire ropes and has a good spot. All winter works without any remarks. I am very satisfied.

Nichole Hardy
My plants is growing fast

The lamp has now been in use for a good month. My plants and grows as if by magic. The nights are still too cold and I will light up the chili for another month. I'm thrilled. Top workmanship, perfect light output. recommendation...

Alton Castillo
Home-grown vegetables in winter

I have successfully grow tomatoes, peppers and chilies in the cellar, almost without further daylight. Everything works fine, will be reinstated next year, maybe I'll buy another one or two. Very pleased!

Dora Gilbert
Plants grow like crazy

Works great for growing. I sowed many things back in February and now 6 of these lamps are hanging in the laundry room with a timer above the washing machine and dryer. It's too warm upstairs in the apartment and otherwise it's too dark in the basement. The plants are so big now. Love it

Arthur Morgan
Resuscitate my dying plants

I bought the lamp to get my houseplants through the winter. Because of the cold winter and the lack of sun daily the plants had started to die.A few days after I installed the lamp they have already visibly recovered. Also the lamp makes no noise I had flowers growing all winter.

Al Garrett
Good lamp to improve germ and plant growth

I bought this lamp to prefer native and exotic plants even with the currently rather low lighting conditions in January. Without a lamp, they are largely hot and sunk due to the low level of daylight, but with a lamp, the growth becomes significantly healthier again and the seedlings grow stronger.

Dewey Ortega
My tomatoes are ready in just 14 days

Since I already had experience with other plant lamps, I was very skeptisch.Bin very satisfied with the performance. I can prick out my tomatoes after just 14 days. Don't do any science with lux meters or electricity meters either. I have very nice plants and what more do I want.

Bradley Reyes
I grow fresh vegetables and herbs in my apartment

I live in an apartment and have no yard or garden. I've always wanted to be able to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs and eat fresh. With this lamp it is possible. I installed it very easily and quickly in my pantry. The seeds grew within days and I already have my first harvest. The taste is great. Now I will always have fresh vegetables and spices.

Kristi Freeman
Sufficient light for my plants.

This plant light lamp is really good. Their quality and light output are fine. It offers many options for hanging thanks to the included wire ropes and carabiners.

Essie Cohen
Seeds grow faster than in the sun

I planted seeds 6 days ago and they make it great! They're in my garage and they've been all the time. I leave the light on all night and pull the plug out of the socket when I go to work in the morning. When I get home, I reconnect it so that there is 12-15 hours of light a day. Otherwise, it is quite dark and not natural light. I'm so excited how much growth I got in such a short time!

Growth LED Lamp

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