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"Any camping enthusiast would love these adorable gnomes. They add a perfect touch of whimsy to my garden." -Emma Brown

Fighting Garden Gnome

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Color: Spear
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You may have seen garden art in other people’s yards, but have you considered bringing it into your own? Garden gnomes are creatures of woodland legend that represent the most elemental spirit of the earth.
You may have seen garden art in other people’s yards, but have you considered bringing it into your own? Garden gnomes are creatures of woodland legend that represent the most elemental spirit of the earth.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Pamela Maldonado
Perfect for my garden

I love beautiful gardens and have always maintained mine. I have all sorts of flowers, trees and shrubs, but I found it a bit boring. So I decided to diversify the garden a bit. I looked around a lot and couldn't combine anything. Then I saw this set of gnomes and really liked them. I bought all four and they fit my decor perfectly.

Nick Myers
Gnomes guard the garden

Legends say that gnomes guard the garden and bring good luck. Once I bought a house with a big yard this was a must.

Billy Banks
Peolpe take photos with them

I own a guest house which we rent out for the weekends. The house has a very large yard and it is lovely in the summer to have the yard green with lots of flowers. I like to have some interesting decorations in the yard. I bought the 4 gnomes and put them around the little pond. They stand beautifully and many visitors to the house ask me where they are from. I've even seen pictures on instagram of house guests with the gnomes.

Kim Morales
Our grandchildrens love them

We have grandchildren and when they come to the country house they love to spend time in the garden. My wife and I bought two gnomes for each of our grandchildren. They really enjoy them and even play with them.

Katie Padilla
My kids love gnomes

my kids watch gnome kids and have always wanted me to buy them. I saw these garden decorations and loved how realistic they were. I ordered all four types. The kids really liked them and they chose where to position them in the garden.

Craig Gibbs
Looks great at my terrace

I don't have a yard, but I have a big terrace with flowers. I've always been a fan of beautiful gardens so I made my little green corner. I bought three gnomes and set them next to some of my pots and they look great.

Charlie Pittman
So realistic and sweet

It goes beautifully with the atmosphere in my garden. I just adore those guys ! So realistic and sweet.

Joy Scott
bring good luck

I read in the product description that these gnomes bring good luck, so I decided to buy two and put them at the top of my garden. I liked them so much that after a while I ordered the other two types to complete my collection.

Derek West
Best garden decoration

I really like all kinds of garden decorations and whenever I see something interesting I buy it. I really like these gnomes. First I ordered 2 to see if they would arrive as they look on the website. The quality is very good and they look super. A week later I ordered the other two types.

Emilio Buchanan
My mother is a fan

My mom is a crazy fan of garden decorations. She has all sorts of porcelain figures- rabbits, birds, turtles, etc. She hasn't had gnomes before, and that's a must for an avid fan like her. So I decided to order them for her. She really liked them and after half a year she asked me to order her two more.

Fighting Garden Gnome

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