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📢 Save 15% on orders over $35 ♥ Use code 15OFF at checkout

"I can't describe how happy I am with the results. My yard is full of grass again! I was skeptical but it prove me wrong!" -Christopher Williams

Bio Grass Seed Mat

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This product makes growing a lush lawn so much easier! All you need to do is roll out the mat on your preferred surface, water it thoroughly, and watch it grow in about five weeks! Great for all lawns no matter the local climate.
This product makes growing a lush lawn so much easier! All you need to do is roll out the mat on your preferred surface, water it thoroughly, and watch it grow in about five weeks! Great for all lawns no matter the local climate.
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Just roll, Water and Watch it Grow

All-in-one degradable seed pads cover bare soil that is easy to use, creating a suitable growing environment for your seeds to grow efficiently and flawlessly to your satisfaction.

If you want the look of a lush, manicured lawn and a space that can handle walking and playing. Our Bio Grass Seed Mat is a must for a self-sustaining lawn that will stay lush and green without the use of fertilizer.

Not only does this make your lawn easier than ever to maintain, it helps keep our soil and waterways clean and healthy.

The Lawn That You've Always Dreamed Of

Our Restorative Volume Growth System stays green even in a strong shade or in scorching sunlight. Our Grass Seed Mat rolls are greatly enlarged and thickened to create a durable lawn.

Once rolled out and watered, our specialized grass roll sticks to the ground. Each seed is then surrounded by fertilizer and held in place between two bio fabric layers. The natural fertilizer produces fast germination and uniform growth

The best solution for keeping your garden backyard green.

Quickly Repair Any Grass-Free Area

Our Bio Grass Seed Mats are super light, easy to install and restore fragile turf areas. It is eco-friendly which makes it completely safe for pets and children.

The biodegradable fabric prevents the seeds from being washed away, making it less expensive than traditional lawns.

This incredible mat contains nutrient-rich fertilizer. Seeds are not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Lynette Owens
Quick and easy alternative.

Looking for turf or lawn seeds to create a new large lawn, I came across this product here. Sowing lawn is a tricky thing, because it rains too much, or is even stormy, all the effort as well as some money has washed away. In addition, regular watering after sowing is also a duty, so that all seeds really begin to germinate.This product seems to unite all desires. Priced is between lawn seeds and turf options, and the application is a piece of cake. I was also impressed by the water storage capacity, which deflated the flow mat after a short time. I'm good and looking forward to a hopefully durable and durable lawn.

Ken Reese
Best garden tool

Instructions are clearly described, very easy to use and it is done quickly. Ideal for small front gardens For large gardens, it can be used super selectively (for example, bald spots). Highly recommended.

Shaun Lucas
Very good quality

The delivery of the lawn mats took place very quickly. A big advantage of the lawn mats compared to conventional seeds is that the birds can not pick away anything. Also, the lawn grows very evenly, as the fleece breaks down only after germination. So I have a uniform growth despite massive continuous rain and nothing is washed away.

Mercedes Curtis
Works great

The item is very good and easy to work with

Shawn Schultz

Since we have a very difficult rubble soil as a garden, we were very skeptical whether it would even be something with a beautiful lawn. Since we want to create more than 50 square meters, I first tried a test strip with various plant seeds, fertilizers and this lawn wallpaper. And I have to say that the lawn wallpaper clearly produced the best result. The lots of brands of lawn seeds came out just a little. The slightly higher effort to get started is worthwhile in my opinion, especially when I see the comparisons in my garden.

Delbert Cain
Absolutely perfect

We dismantled our pool and now wanted to sow the lawn there, with the grass seed mat on the right side and normal lawn seed on the right . Clearly see that the lawn is much more even and stronger with the mats. We already installed the mats in May, the lawn is rich green, even and very strong. We had a little bit left over from spring, so we can now make a clear comparison.

Misty Wong

Our robot lawnmower liked to get stuck at the edges when turning last year and sometimes actually drove a hole in the lawn there. Now exactly 3 weeks ago I filled up the holes soil, some fertilizer on it, this fleece, and cheap planting soil properly, watered well and am very satisfied with the result . I have also been driving the robot over these places for 2 days now. So far without any problems. I'm very happy.

Kathy Nichols
Very satisfied

Perfectly laid, perfectly grown

Irvin Ward
Was skeptical but convinced

I had never heard of this product before. However, since I redesigned the garden and had to plant a slope there, I ordered 2 rolls. The success then brought the rolling out of about 50cm and direct watering of the fleece. As a result, it has to say glued to the floor and could not be blown away anymore.

Joyce Bowers
It works

Now after 3 weeks, the holes are tight. The result is convincing. The lawn is good and has grown very densely.

Bio Grass Seed Mat

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