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Bat Repellent

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The first-ever super efficient Pest Repeller on the market. While other pest repellents don't really work and smell bad, our Ultrasonic Pest Repeller works silently for the human ear, does not smell, perfectly eliminates all unwanted guests, and is 100% safe for children and pets.
The first-ever super efficient Pest Repeller on the market. While other pest repellents don't really work and smell bad, our Ultrasonic Pest Repeller works silently for the human ear, does not smell, perfectly eliminates all unwanted guests, and is 100% safe for children and pets.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Lucy Ford
My hotel is safe now

I own a hotel with a large restaurant,spa, fitness and mini park. We often rats, gnats , flies and other insects inside. This is not good for our customers to see. I was looking for a solution to the problem and this product made it very easy. I first ordered 5 pieces to place around the restaurant and spa center. I am very satisfied. Not one animal has come close. After a while I ordered another 15 and have now secured the whole hotel.

Elias James
My villa is free of interupters

I have a villa and animals have always been a problem inside. Every week we go to check mit but always found mosquitos or a lot of flies ever one time we found a bat. Thanks to this device we have not had a single interuptor in over a year. It works very well and is harmless to visitors.

Stuart Thompson
The best mosquito repellent

Constantly I have problems in the house behind the baseboards with mice! I am very happy about this product, I now have it in the socket in the living room, bedroom and clothing room as well as in the hallway, so far no insects in my apartment, although there are a lot of mosquitoes and moths flying around this time of year. I am very satisfied because I have not seen spiders, mosquitoes or gnats in the apartment in the days since I have been using these devices. I've already recommended that my neighbors buy this, because if they don't go to me, they'll go to you. They are very easy to install, just plug them into different parts of the house. Delivery time was great, the product was at my home within a few days. I can only recommend it.

Scott Richards
Definitely necessary for summer

Now that the days are warmer, many flies, mosquitoes and mise are also in sight here. We chose this ultrasound device because it is harmless to our dog. With most insect repellents, you would really have to worry if you have pets. We have them plugged into a power outlet in our kitchen, living room and hallway. It is good that these devices can be used permanently, as they work electronically by ultrasound and therefore do not need to be replaced. We've been using these for 2 weeks and now we're starting to notice that there are fewer insects in our home. We will continue to use these devices in our homes so that the insects stay away.

Ramiro Garza
The best solution to the problem

My son recently bought a house with his wife in a nearby village. Apparently there is a lot of mise and a bats in that area that bothers them regularly. His wife is quite scared and he has been looking for a solution to the problem for a long time. By chance I came across this product and decided to order him a unit to try. It turned out that the device is unique. No more animals in the house. He really liked it and ordered 5 more.

Penny Lloyd
My mother loves it

I bought this device for my mom. She is very scared of rats. In our country house we are near a corn field and there are a lot of mise. this device kicked out all interupters. My mother is very pleased . I firstly ordered three and then she has ordered two more.

Alison Gardner
Surprisingly good

OW I can only say it's 100% effective. I have a real spider phobia and have already tried a few things. For the first time, I'm convinced. I've had these things in my sockets for about 2 weeks now and I have to say it works. Even with the window open I can sleep now

Carole Griffith
I haven't see bats in my house anymore

We spend a lot of time fighting bats entering my home. This device has managed to drive them all away. I haven't seen a single one anymore.

Bennie Morales
No more unwanted animald in my house

We live in an area full of bats, mouses, spiders and other animals. We have often seen all sorts of animals invade in our summer kitchen. I found this device on the internet and decided to use it. A big advantage is that it has solar charging and I don't have to worry if it has a battery. Very efficient and looks cute .

Kristina Davis
Don't worry anymore to leave my kids alone

We have a lot of wild animals coming into our house in the country and I worry about leaving my kids alone in the yard. I even see some animals come into my home like rats. That's why I bought these devices. I have purchased 5 and am very pleased. My kids can play without worries.

Bat Repellent

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