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📢 Save 15% on orders over $35 ♥ Use code 15OFF at checkout

"This machine completely changed my life in a positive way! Results are exceeding my expectations! I can wear my bikini confidently and my skin shine like a diamond." - Emma Jones

Ultrasonic Cavitation Device

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This machine is an effective replacement for all the facial and body care programs in beauty salons. It is convenient and easy to operate. It solves both skin and body management problems for beauty-seekers. 
This machine is an effective replacement for all the facial and body care programs in beauty salons. It is convenient and easy to operate. It solves both skin and body management problems for beauty-seekers. 
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New Amazing Breakthrough Technology for Weight Loss

No more expensive clinical treatments! Now you can personally own the Professional Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine in the comfort of your home!

This device focuses on the desired area to make the effects of skin rejuvenation and body reshaping. Effectively burn calories to achieve the results that you've always wanted.

It will increase metabolism, restore elasticity and calm moisturizing for your skin. The entire process is completely safe and convenient to use.

Get The Most Effective Body Treatment at Your Home

Our Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment is perfect for people who want to reduce stubborn fat and contour their bodies.

The ultrasound waves are conducted through the skin to penetrate directly into the adipose tissue and break it up into small pieces causing micro-bubbles that turn fat into a liquid substance.

Once the fat is destroyed, it is removed from the body through your lymphatic and urinary system. It is comfortable, painless, and has a non-invasive fat and cellulite reduction process. You can see immediate results after the first treatment.

Safe. Simple to use consistently

40k Ultrasonic Cavitation Head

Ultrasonic strong sound wave of 40000HZ may be emitted to vibrate fat cells at top speed and produce numerous vacuum air pockets inside and outside of the fat cells. With its effective technology dissolves fat, and lymphatic drainage, enhances blood circulation and reduces cellulite to keep your perfect body figure.

4 Polar RF Head

Radio frequency emitter is pressed up against the skin. These radio waves get past the outer skin layers and deliver heat energy to the muscles and tissues beneath. The overall result tightens up the outer layers of skin and reduces wrinkling effects.

3 Polar RF Head

Radio frequency emitter is pressed up against the skin. This procedure stimulates collagen and elastin production to improve skin tone and texture and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Results are often visible right away – sometimes, you can see a difference immediately after your first treatment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Natali Estrada
High quality home device

It is best to work slowly in circles. During the treatment, you will feel a nice feeling of warmth and a slight tingling of the ultrasound head on the skin. The treatments work: my skin is smoother, the pores finer and the wrinkles become less.

Nichole Long
Effect noticable after 2 weeks

This device I use about 5x weekly alternately for face/neck, decollete, and legs. Excellent effects were already detectable after 2 weeks and meanwhile I am asked more often how I manage to make my skin look so fresh. Of course, the wrinkles have not completely disappeared, but the skin feels firmer, and the wrinkles have significantly reduced. In addition, treatment with stretch marks causes almost miracles.

Cara Bowers
Profetional results at home

During my work, I should not only show a psychologically safe and dynamic occurrence. The visual impression is also very important. Decades of cigarette consumption left its mark at some point. By recommendation of a friend, I came to the treatment or introduction of active substances into the skin by ultrasound. First I visited a beautician to try it out. The result was already visible after the first treatment. Since constant visits to cosmetics were too expensive for me, I decided to use my own device. Since August 2020, I treat my skin in the face area, neck, and dcollet with this device and My skin feels perfect. Very fresh and clear. Also, use it on my thighs and belly and there is a great result too. Thank you

Dana Alvarado
Now I have soft skin

The application is totally simple, the settings are very clear and very well explained in the user manual. The skin feels very soft after application and is smoothed. With regular use, the skin becomes clearer and smoother. The device is a must-have!

Anna Henry
My arms are smaller size now

I bought this device because I had problems with the size of my arms. When I start using this device I saw the first result after a week. Then I start using it over my face and tights. The skin starts looking younger and smoother. Super multifunctional device. Recommend it to my friends and some of them also bought it and they are very pleased.

Van Brady
Puffiness disappears after the first treatment

A stroke of genius has succeeded! A highly intelligent device with simple operation. Very effective already after the first application and so pleased that you have to be careful not to overdo it. Apply every 2 to 3 days and only until you feel a pleasant warming feeling under the skin, then it is enough. The lymphatic system is set in motion so that puffiness almost completely disappears after the first treatment, whether it is the double chin or a poorly healed old injury. I love this little device!!!

Sheldon Green
I lost weight

The best ultrasonic device for weight loss. I used to pay hundreds of dollars over procedures that had no visible effect. Then I decided to start searching for a device that I can use it on my own. This is magic. My belly and arms look perfect now. I use it for more than u year.

Elena Carson
Can't live whitout it

I use this device for over a year and I see great results. I order it because I had problems with being overweight. my stomach and tights were not looking good. But this device changes my life. I no longer feel bad to go to the beach. My belly looks slimmer and the skin is smoother. Recommend it!!

Cameron Cole
Use it on my face and neck

I am 59 years old and bought the device through a recommendation of a friend. About 2 times a week I use the ultrasound devicein the area of the face and neck. The result is very good. Meanwhile, the device also uses my husband. He has problems in the area of the knee and sounds with the big head. We are very satisfied with the device , it is a very good investment.

Candace Roberson
Ultrasound machine for face care

Since the eternal visit to the beautician is becoming too expensive for me, I first informed myself on the Internet about the topic of ultrasound device and decided a week ago to use this device. Yesterday I was asked smoothly by my daughter-in-law if I would use a new make-up, my face looked so fresh... Is it really up to the two treatments? Anyway, I will continue and am already looking forward to the next feedback...

Ultrasonic Cavitation Device

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