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"I couldn't believe it! After the first use, I notice that the blank spot on my head was filling in! Love it!" -Christina Fox

Electric Massage Hair Growth Treatment

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Electric Scalp Hair Treatment is designed to brush with hair care nutrient solution or oil, making the liquid deeply reach your hair root and massage the scalp which stimulates scalp cells and anti-hair loss.
Electric Scalp Hair Treatment is designed to brush with hair care nutrient solution or oil, making the liquid deeply reach your hair root and massage the scalp which stimulates scalp cells and anti-hair loss.
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Customer Reviews

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#Gladys Burke
Relax and stimulate your hair growth

It is a small massager that is very effective and very pleasant. It is very ergonomic and it is just as easy to put the serum in it. All you need is to turn it on and start relaxing. It relieved so many headaches and stimulates the hair growth. Highly recommend.

Alfonso Payne
A really cool massager! Absolutely top!

A very good product Both the material and workmanship are solid and satisfactory. I couldn't find any production or manufacturing errors. This means that it is well processed and manufactured. Stimulates my hair to grow and makes great massage of the scalp. Does exactly what it should, and does it very well, and therefore also 5 stars.

Carolyn Pierce
My scalp feels more relaxed

Great massaging brush. My scalp feels more relaxed and healthy. At the same time I can see the effect of the serum and the brush. My hair is much fuller which means it has started to grow quickly. I am very satisfied. I have recommended it to all my friends.

Ernesto George
I see my hair growing

This brush is really of very good quality, and can be a good gift idea . Very easy to use. The effect is immediate in the sense that I have a very sensitive and dry scalp (my hair tends to get weaker than to get greasy over the days), when I use it I was very surprised to see my hair growing over time. You should know that when you have long hair and a lot of it starts to grow, it may be easier to style it because it will necessarily get tangled due to regrowth, something that happens to me, when I have only used it three times. Being at the very sensitive base of the scalp, I want to go gently. I recommend it to you because you will clearly see a difference over the days.

Diana Stephens
Stimulates my hair growth

It looks great and works perfectly ?? Don't plucking the hair is really very pleasant! My hair has grown 4 cm for less than a month.

Velma Mcdonald
Wonderful head massage

The electric massager arrives well packaged and undamaged. The workmanship is clean and makes a high-quality impression. In the test, the massager completely convinced me. The brush is comfortable and don't squeeze, it's just a great relaxation. The absolute best thing about it, even in my long hair, the heads don't get tangled and I can give myself a great head massage without pulling. Conclusion: Top price, top product and head massage the last reason to recommend the device.

Jesse Gardner
Simply brilliant

A great device, very pleasant to use. I use it to massage in my scalp with serum. Absolutely pleasant. But it's also very easy to use. An absolutely great massage experience, I find the device brilliant. It also works very quietly. The workmanship and quality are excellent, I can't find anything negative. A clear recommendation to buy, 5 stars very much.

May Berry
Exactly what I was looking for

I tried out many products against neck pain and headache but none of them worked properly. This product is the first one that actually helps to relieve my pain. Can recommend it for anyone seeking to have a high-quality product with affordable pricing.

Sonya Brewer
I love the results

It helped my hair to grow. I have noticed that my hair grows slower this year and i needed to do something about it. This brush is brilliant. I love the results.

Gerard Perez
I love

I use it to massage my scalp when applying my and my husband's care or serum.

Electric Massage Hair Growth Treatment

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