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"This toothbrush is AMAZING! After the first usage I noticed visible whitening improvements on my teeth!" - Bryan Brown

360 Sonic Toothbrush

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Achieve your Hollywood Smile for just a week! This personal 360 Sonic Toothbrush takes care of your teeth and gums by covering them all around and whitening them in 45 seconds. Never miss a spot! Our clinically proven mouthpiece cleans all surface areas of teeth equally.
Achieve your Hollywood Smile for just a week! This personal 360 Sonic Toothbrush takes care of your teeth and gums by covering them all around and whitening them in 45 seconds. Never miss a spot! Our clinically proven mouthpiece cleans all surface areas of teeth equally.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Satisfied overall

Firstly I don’t use it as an alternative to brushing with a toothbrush. I clean my teeth in the normal way and then apply the sonic toothbrush with the toothpaste still in my mouth. This works for me and my mouth feels cleaner, I also feel that it has helped some sensitivity.

Sibel Maxwell
Working on my daughter's teeth

This has been a very welcome addition to toothbrushing routines! It is easy to use and holds a charge well. I have sensitive teeth and was a little concerned, but it doesn't hurt my teeth at all. My teeth feel super clean after using , more clean than a regular toothbrushing feels. I think the whitening feature works well, also, and I noticed a difference after just a few uses.

Aids in my dental care

It works well for whitening, but you really need to brush your teeth as well.

Thank God I found this device

I like the simplicity of the product. The instructions were vague regarding how and what toothpaste to use, but I got past it. Doesn't brush the tongue and cheeks which I normally do and want to continue to do. I probably will still brush with a traditional toothbrush first thing in the AM, but use this product throughout the rest of the day after meals and as a quick touch up. Super fast and easy, although you do look kind of dorky with the handle hanging out of your mouth when in use.

Whole family is smiling because of this calculus remover

This product was something I was worried about buying for the price. My mom begged me to purchase not only one but five. She loves hers, saying that as she ages, she wants to make sure that her teeth stay in good condition. My nephew, who is autistic and has never let us brush his teeth, is now using this twice a day! This product works well is comfortable and has so many reasons that it can help keep hygiene moving in a direction that is making people's lives better. Ten to of 10 will be buying more, and if my mom has her, way my entire extended family will have one before Christmas.

Dean Mansell
Next level whitening!

I waited to review this until I'd had it a few months and had recharged it multiple times. It works well, much better than I thought it would from some of the other reviews. I've realized that the 30 second clean doesn't work well for a clean mouth, but if you run it 3-4 times, roughly 1:30-2:00 minutes, it's amazing! I gag a LOT when using a normal or electric brush, so I had been wanting to try something like this for a while but a lot of the options out there are more expensive than I was willing to try. This one being $50 made me decide to try it and I'm really glad I did. My gum aren't sore anymore and I don't get sick to my stomach every morning while brushing. I still wiggle this back and forth to make sure it get everything, since it doesn't fully reach my last molars, but it's gentle and I mouth feels super clean when I'm done. Also the blue light has been whitening my teeth, they are noticeably whiter than a few months ago and I'm not using any whitening chemicals so that's a decent bonus.

James Jones

I am in my later years and no matter how many whiteners and rinses I used, I could not get rid of the coffee stains on my lower teeth near my gums. The rest of my teeth were white but that part was always stained a dull brown. (coffee) Well this worked! It took the stain away in about two weeks of use. The down side is it is not a replacement for a regular tooth brushing as it claims. Your teeth do not feel clean, so I use a regular toothbrush with toothpaste and then use the whitener unite. Its only 30 seconds folks, so the extra step is not that big of deal. Heads Up! DON'T use regular toothpaste on the plastic mouthpiece, use the foaming toothpaste. You will be cleaning toothpaste out of the mouth piece for weeks.

Sal Ditzel

The product seems to work as described. But the blue light stays on until you place the unit on the charger. I use all three vibration settings with each brushing. The foam toothpaste the company sells works well with the device.

Garry Woolford
This device really works!!!

I've been using this product for over a month now. I would say it's a nice product. It is a great addition to traditional toothbrush but can not replace it. I'm now using traditional brush in the morning and this brush at night. The mouth piece is a bit short for a grown man, it can't reach the molar all the way back. As for whitening, I think it's still early to make a comment on it, I expect to see some result in about 3 months or so.

Yordan Nikolov
Literally addicted to this device

This thing actually works but you can't just put this in your mouth and expect it to be better results than using a toothbrush. What I do is get toothpaste on it too and bottom and then put the guard in my mouth and I'll partially bite down and using my hand, move the V-White left and right while it's on one of it's settings, either way, still faster than using a toothbrush and also the bristles areuch softer on the V-White.