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Dental Calculus Remover
Yordan Nikolov
Literally addicted to this device

This gentle and effective tool is a true blessing if you have sensitive gums like me. It ensures a comfortable and irritation-free experience, without compromising on the quality of the clean. Trust me, it's an absolute must-have for anyone looking to care for their delicate gum tissue. What else I can say. THANK YOU

Firm and Radiant Skin

I love the convenience of this device. I can use it while watching TV, reading a book, or simply relaxing, making it an effortless part of my daily routine.

Great for relaxing

After a few applications I noticed a difference! A highly recommended product! Also great for relaxing

Easy to use

Easy to use, great description, light - will also be pleasantly warm during treatment. You can also notice what happens to the skin at a good price.

Enhanced Muscle Definition

This device is a must-have for anyone looking to target specific areas of their body. It's helped me tone my arms, abdomen, and even thighs.

Visible results

After 1 session you can see a small result... be careful to have a good result and good efficiency it is necessary to drink more water.

Recommend it!

Used daily for more than a month and already see the results. My tights are 5 cm slimmer. Recommend it!

Great for the price

I think it's a good product, I had visible results after 4 sessions on my thighs,buttocks and stomach. Considering the price I think it does the job.

Better than thought

I've been noticing my skin getting softer and fresher since a few times of use. Functionality is good without any effort and you have different programs to choose from. The light is also pleasantly warm during treatment.

Great device

Great device, well made and all at a great price! The additional EMS function is also great, so the device combines several functions in one device! Easy to use and a great feel! I will contact you at a later date for the effect! Still a clear buy recommendation so far!

Better than the expensive devices!!!

Since long wanted to buy a massager. The vibration massagers were not too good for me and caused irritation later on. So I bought this Massager, which has the IR light and many other modes. My experience with this massager is great. After the application of the cream, I massaged gently in circular motions and could immediately feel the difference. After a few days, the skin appears healthier. I am yet to use it on my face.

Effortless Body Sculpting

This device has given me the confidence to wear my favorite swimsuit again. It's amazing how it has improved the appearance of my thighs and buttocks.

Advanced Technology, Natural Results

The results are truly impressive. Not only have I seen a reduction in cellulite, but my skin looks smoother and more radiant overall.

Dental Calculus Remover
Steve Defrance
Thank God I found this device

A relative who is disabled and home bound couldn't brush properly, severe calculi/plaque, which can end up leading to gum and heart issues. Dentist refused to help with covid as the excuse. This worked. I mean it was coming off in chunks. Thank God, this tool is just amazing.

Tartar/Dental calculus REMOVED!

I love my ice tea and coffee. Unfortunately, I develop a dark colored deposit where the plaque hardens on my teeth. I do brush my teeth several times daily, but within 2 days of my dental office visit, the build up begins again. I usually spend extra time and money in the dentist's chair having it removed biannually. But, not TODAY! I did not have to bear excessive scraping, grinding and the dentist's sonic tool. I also have a lingual wire behind my lower front teeth. No problem for the Dental Calculus Plague Remover tool. I am truly amazed.

Removes stains

This product is AMAZING! Removed my stubborn stains and plaque in a few minutes, I am so freaking happy I bought this, please do yourself a favor and but it RIGHT NOW!

Dental Calculus Remover
Garry Woolford
This device really works!!!

I regularly drink red wine that leaves stains in between my teeth despite bi-annual cleanings at the dentist. I ordered the Meeteasy Electric Sonic Dental Calculus Plaque Remover Tool Kit to enhance my at-home cleanings. Within 45 minutes of receiving this device, I had removed all of the wine stains between my front teeth. My wife could not believe the difference. It's very easy to use and I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to step up their dental cleaning game!

I bought one for my daughter

I just realized my daughter hasn't been brushing her teeth well and her bottom 4 front teeth are full of calculus. On first session, it took off a lot. Her issue is severe so it may take several uses but I have faith it'll fix up her problem. She goes to the dentist next month anyway but it's nice to resolve this now so she won't be super embarrassed when she sees her dentist.

A Versatile Tool for Multiple Goals

Ultrasonic cavitation, EMS, and infrared light therapy combine to offer a comprehensive solution for weight loss, muscle toning, and skin rejuvenation. This all-in-one device caters to all your needs effortlessly.

I can't believe it actually money ever spent. Seriously.

For the first time in my life since the last year, I've noticed these ugly brown stains between my bottom teeth. The stress from covid and 1.5 years without dental visits, I noticed these stains crept up on me. I assumed I had to go back to the dentist to get this removed and yet, I felt embarrassed at the thought of going to the dentist with these ugly stains on my teeth. Months later, I randomly go to Amazon to look up stain removers for teeth. At first, I was thinking of using white strips but I knew that wouldn't bleach through this plaque and stain.

I've got no more bad breath!

As soon as I received it, I immediately gave it a try and found that I could see and feel a difference on my teeth and my bad breath is gone. Maybe its a coincidence but I've really seen the improvement. I was a little nervous about using the highest setting and I also wanted to watch in a mirror to see where I was using it, which was a little awkward for me. But I was able to remove some visible plaque from my teeth using a medium setting. I imagine it will probably take some time and practice to find the right intensity and develop the best technique. But, I am pleased with this tool and think it will help in between my regular visits to the dentist.

Targeting Cellulite at Its Core

Tired of battling stubborn cellulite? Say no more. This device's ultrasonic waves specifically target and break down fat cells, while the massage function improves lymphatic drainage. Experience the winning formula against cellulite.

Discover Beauty Innovation

I've struggled with uneven skin tone for years, but this product has been a game-changer. It has helped to even out my complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots. I couldn't be happier!

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Bid farewell to stubborn cellulite and embrace the joy of smoother, firmer skin with this remarkable device. Its ultrasonic cavitation technology breaks down fat cells, allowing my body to naturally eliminate them through the lymphatic system. The result? A noticeable reduction in cellulite and a newfound confidence to flaunt my legs with pride.

Effortless Fitness

From long days at the office to hectic schedules, incorporating fitness into my life seemed like an impossible task. However, this compact and versatile device has completely changed the game. Its portability allows me to stay on top of my fitness goals, no matter where I am. Whether I'm traveling for work or simply on-the-go, I can rely on this device to provide me with an effective workout and keep me in shape.