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"The results have been unbelievable! I was able to get rid of the skin tags and moles in just 2 short weeks! What's more amazing is that there are no scars left on my skin" - Amber Grace

Remover Pen for Moles

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Remove skin tags and other skin imperfections painlessly, safely, and in your own home, at a fraction of the cost. This is the secret to the silky-smooth skin flaunted by celebrities and supermodels is no longer expensive plastic surgery.
Remove skin tags and other skin imperfections painlessly, safely, and in your own home, at a fraction of the cost. This is the secret to the silky-smooth skin flaunted by celebrities and supermodels is no longer expensive plastic surgery.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Natasha Benson
6 Months of Usage

I got this product recommended to me 6 months ago by my best friend, she said that it replaced all her mole removal surgeries. I didnt believe her at all, but I was going to try it anyway since it was so cheap. Within these 6 months I have cleared my body of almost all my imperfections and the best part, the pen STILL works!

Geraldine Klein
Modeling Career Restored

My current modeling agency told me that if I didnt get my moles removed I would be dropped. This left me so sad, I spent days researching different procedures and remedies. I found that this was the only product that didnt break the bank. I tried it and never looked again, in two weeks my moles were removed and I was back on the runway!!

Erika May
Left my Skin Flawless

Ive gone to numerous surgeons to get my moles removed and all it left me with was a hole in my bank account and marks on my skin. I bought this remover as a last attempt to help my skin and Im so glad I did. Within a week all my scarring from my procedures were completely removed, this product is AMAZING!!!

Jimmie Mckenzie
Perfectly works

It was skeptical at first, but it works. Stalk warts are burned away. One should estimate at which point of the body you dare to do this. In any case, much cheaper than the removal at the dermatologist, who does not do much differently by laser either. Did not regret the purchase and already used it several times, even on the face.

Brooke Miles
It really works

Of course, I can only speak for my tried-and-tested field of application. These are small but larger stalk warts that form in places where skin meets skin/you sweat. With the fine needle on level 3 and depending on the size, the things are burned away in minutes. The pain is barely present, the wound pain is neither less nor stronger than when the dermatologist burns it. For the described purposes, however, the device is really ideal!

Natalie Maxwell
The best mole remover

The device does not cost that much money. So try it. You will survive the slight pain. After that, the skin is vaporized with plasma. It smells like burnt hair. The mixture is then burned until a light hollow is formed. There's no blood. It then heals very quickly. It will be smooth in less than a week. I'm curious if the scars get color in 6 months. I'm using it again. Top to recommend.

R. Hayes
Like a doctor

I have now ordered this device because nothing worked against warts anymore. wart removed yesterday. It was like a doctor's help. It also removes moles and protruding skin fiddles with such a device. I'm sure that the wart will not come back.

Ernestine Scott
Finally, what I've been looking for for years!

Since I am now in the years where there are so many expert skin changes, I am very happy that I am able to help myself with this device. Great device that changed my life. I had so much moles and i don't have that problem any more. Recommend it!

Lillian Robertson
Its good for removing warts, freckles and scars

Bought it to remove tiny warts on my neck, quite effective, and came off after a few days. Then I tried on small freckles, here need to adjust to 2 otherwise too deep, with 2 on small not so dark freckles its gone after one time.

Orville Chavez
The perfect device for me

Since I am genetically more prone to red firemarks, I ordered this device after some research. The device comes in a very beautiful and noble packaging. What I found particularly good were the small needles for more precise work, which is perfect for me as I have many small points on the body. I would recommend starting with the smallest level, as you should not underestimate it. Even at level 1, I see effect.