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"I suffer from chronic lower back issues but within a week of using this support pillow at work my lower back felt much better. So much so that I purchased a 2nd one for my home desk chair" -Ben Davis

Massaging Back Pillow For Cars

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Sit longer and enjoy a luxurious soothing experience with this electric massage pillow! Our Massaging Support Pillow is built to support the spinal curvature of your lower back by providing optimal comfort in any position and situation.
Sit longer and enjoy a luxurious soothing experience with this electric massage pillow! Our Massaging Support Pillow is built to support the spinal curvature of your lower back by providing optimal comfort in any position and situation.
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Customer Reviews

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Lea Walton
Long trips are no longer a problem

My husband and I often organize long car trips. Quite often we get stiff and exhausted from the many hours spent in the car. This massage pillow has improved our trips a lot. We bought two for both seats and are very satisfied. The massaging cushion works very well. The cover is great and fits perfectly on the back. It massages very well and keeps us from getting stiff. We have two cars and it fits perfectly in both. It was easy to install!

Olive Campbell
No more extra money for massages

Unique massage pillow. I have had a back problem for years and have been to many doctors. Everyone tells me that I have to go to massages all the time or I can't get better. My job is in an office and I am constantly sitting. I can't give that much money for massages every week. This pillow has changed my life. It's like being with a massage therapist while I work. The pulses are strong enough to take away my pain. I don't have to give extra money for massages anymore.

Gerard Mason
I no longer feel pain while driving

I was looking for a massage pillow that would be good for the lower back as well as for the cervical area, and this seems just right for me. I drive all day for work and most of the time I feel pain. This is the best purchase I've ever made. This pillow massage me all day while I drive and I can even bring it with me at home. I love this pillow. Only can recommend!

Rosie Weaver
No more back pain while driving

I have been having back pain while driving for a long time. I wanted to buy a pillow to keep my back straight, but I found an even better one. This pillow massages my back quite well and feels wonderful. It is very soft and fits my back perfectly. The pulses are intense and help me feel much better while driving the car.

Emilio Burgess
Best gift idea

I bought the massage pillow for my sister for her birthday. She's super happy with it, easy to use and the massage is very relaxing, before bed or watching TV. It is a good size and thanks to the adapter you can also use it when driving. Definitely a great success as a birthday present!

Daniel Nelson
My lifesaver while working

I work as a delivery driver and spend all day in my car. I have had terrible back pain for a year but nothing helps. I also go for massages but the moment I get in the car to drive the pain comes back. I found this great massage pillow and ordered it. It was my lifesaver. No more pain! I just plug it in the car and it starts massaging. It's my best friend while riding anymore.

Levi Castro
Take away the pain in my back while driving

I work as an international truck driver and spend most of my day driving. Lately, I often experience pain in my back. My wife gifted me this massage pillow and it took away my pain. I don't go on the road without it anymore. The memory foam fits perfectly on my back and covers every part. When I feel the slightest pain I turn it up and the pain stops. I don't take it off the seat and I put it on for at least an hour a day while I drive. Great buy!!

Marcia Scott
I don't need to go to massage any more

I often have back pain and as a solution between therapeutic massages it is perfect, so in the evening after work. My masseuse also confirmed that I am not quite as tense as usual by the regular use.

Shelly Guzman
The pain disappeared

I work in an office and sit in a chair all day. My back started hurting quite badly from standing in one place a lot. This cushion helped a lot with the pain and helped me stand up straighter in my chair. The intense pulses and the memory foam worked very well against the pain. I take it with me when I travel and even use it while driving.

Cindy Brady
Great for long rides!

Due to serious problems with the lumbar spine, I bought the massage pillow. It works perfeclty. I travel a lot with my car and it is great for long rides!

Massaging Back Pillow For Cars

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