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"Saves lots of space! They are made really well and they hold quite a bit of vegetables and keep everything fresh, and in order!" -Stephanie A.

Universal Food Storage Containers

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Keep your refrigerators in order with these multi-functional unique food storage containers. Move any type of food you want and store it for longer freshness and taste. You can use the pans in your microwave or wash them in your dishwasher without a doubt.
Keep your refrigerators in order with these multi-functional unique food storage containers. Move any type of food you want and store it for longer freshness and taste. You can use the pans in your microwave or wash them in your dishwasher without a doubt.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Teresa Long
Save space in the fridge and keep food fresh

I often wonder how to put leftover food from dinner in the fridge. When I put it on a plate it dries out and is not pleasant to eat the next day. These boxes are phenomenal. The food stays fresh and doesn't dry out. I am very pleased. They take up much less space than the plates in my fridge.

Andy Jenkins
Perfectly well-closed storage containers

The boxes are well sealed and don't leak, making it much easier to take food outside to work or even to university or school. I ordered different sizes with a separate drip tray that prevents food from soaking and keeps it fresh for my comfort.

Dean Chandler
Fruit and vegetables stay fresh for longer

This container are revolution. The food actually stays fresh for a little longer. I ordered the 3 different sizes. I always keep salads or larger fruit in the big one. The smaller box is good for berries or for leftovers that remain after cutting and that you want to eat later. Quite apart from the keep-fresh function, I also like the fact that they keep the fridge tidy and look very good visually. Overall, I am quite happy with these practical storage boxes for the refrigerator.

Gertrude Nash
Saved to use outside of the refrigerator too

These food storage containers are versatile (even outside the refrigerator. These here score points with the fact that they have a base insert. I couldn't find any defects in the containers themselves and I find the size very practical. The food stays fresh.

Jasmine Hopkins
Stick to your regime even at work

I love keeping fit. Of course with working out you have to follow a diet. Thanks to these boxes I can bring my food to work. They are very convenient and lightweight. I ordered several of the different sizes because each meal is a different amount for me.

Claudia Soto
Containers that keep things tidy and really fresh

A look into the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator can sometimes demand a lot of strength, because condensation accumulates there again and again, in which the vegetables or fruit then gradually decompose peacefully, which is extremely unappetizing and wasteful of food. This box solve this problem quite well, because on the one hand, they bring a little order and structure to the large vegetable compartment, and on the other hand, they help to keep condensation away from the food and keep the food fresh.

Darryl Gardner
Great food storage box

Great food storage box. Takes up very little space in the fridge and the freshness of the food is preserved. I use them for all kinds of food. I even stash my veggies in the larger ones.

Vicky Todd
It is impossible to imagine it without it

I think these cans are great. They are in daily use and have not yet suffered any deformation, discoloration or even scratches. They are perfect if you want to keep fruit and vegetables fresh longer - with the insert, nothing floats in the juice or water. When you're on the go, you can take them great to use as normal tupper cans.

Joel Jensen
Save a lot of money

With these boxes, the refrigerator can be wonderfully organized and the vegetables definitely keep fresh for much longer. Money can therefore really be saved here instead of disposing of food.

Pam Tucker
The boxes are made of strong plastic

The boxes are made of strong plastic, and all three also have a sieve-like inner container made of durable plastic, which can be removed and used separately if necessary. These inner containers are particularly suitable for draining the vegetables stored in them. The lids of the can have a silicone sealing ring and can be tightly closed. The cans are of high quality material. Many well-thought-out details make the tins versatile in the home!

Universal Food Storage Containers

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