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📢 Save 15% on orders over $35 ♥ Use code 15OFF at checkout

"I couldn't believe the results my wife got when she use it. I thought it was something on the actual water but I try it on my own in it was a totally different color. It was incredible!" - Damian Green

Professional Detox Ionic Foot Bath Spa

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Variants: Complete Detox Ionic Set + Bathtub
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Get the most advanced body detoxifying technology in the comfort of your home! Our Professional Ionic Detox Foot Bath treatment requires you to relax for half an hour with your feet in the ionic detox foot spa while a machine ionizes your system.
Get the most advanced body detoxifying technology in the comfort of your home! Our Professional Ionic Detox Foot Bath treatment requires you to relax for half an hour with your feet in the ionic detox foot spa while a machine ionizes your system.
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Relax and Relieve Your Body at The Comfort Of Your Home

Are you feeling tired, stressed, and fatigued? You're not alone. Modern lifestyles are extremely taxing on our bodies and minds alike. We come in contact with thousands pathogens, pollutants, and environmental bacteria every day - only making it worse.

Harness the power of nature's frequencies to detox and relax in the comfort of your home with the Professional Detox Ionic Foot Bath.

It combines tried and true traditional Asian techniques with a modern approach to help stimulate our bodies to naturally detox.

Get The Most Effective Body Treatment Just 30 Minutes Per Day

Our ultimate ionic detox set comes with everything you need to feel totally relaxed. This complete detox treatment improves circulation, boost immunity and relieves joint pain and swelling.

Uses water charged with positive and negative ions – electrolytes – which draw toxins in your body out through your feet through a process of exchange between the positive and negative ions in your body, and their opposite numbers in the water.

It is this exchange of ions that causes the water in the ionic foot bath to change color, and the color of the water reflects the cause of the toxins.

Safe. Simple, and Painless Therapy

Firstly, the process of having a detox bath is simple and painless. Place your feet in the water with the appropriate levels of ions which comes from the salt and connect the controller with the array, and let the spa do the work.

A foot spa allows you to do this at your own pace and relax at the same time. It can even be used at home. It’s not painful or uncomfortable in any way. The treatment takes around 20-30 minutes and is a safe process.

If you are having your first session you will be amazed when the water starts changing its color. But don’t be alarmed, you can assess the results after and there is nothing to be concerned about.

What Does The Diffrent Color Means

The different colors of the water are said to reflect the areas of the body affected, and the kind of toxins being released.

White particles that look like cheese: This reflects yeast being drawn from the body. Yeast occurs naturally in the human body, but, in excess, can become infected.

White foam substance: This reflects toxins being drawn from the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system includes the lymph nodes, and is the body's drainage system, drawing toxins away from muscles and vital organs, and storing them until they can be released by sweat or excretion.

Red: This reflects blood clots being dispersed within the body.

Orange: This reflects issues with, or toxins building up around, the joints.

Yellowish green: This reflects toxins being drawn from the female reproductive system, the urinary tract, the kidneys, or the prostate gland.

Dark green: This reflects gallbladder issues.

Brown: This reflects toxins being drawn from the lungs – for example, tar from cigarettes, or atmospheric pollutants.

Black specks: This reflects the presence of heavy metal toxins being drawn from the body.

Black: This reflects problems with the liver. Toxins that affect the liver include alcohol, as well as fat from red meat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Iris Christensen
Perfect for beauty salon

I have a manicure and pedicure studio. We used to use regular tubs to clean clients' feet, but I thought it would be better to upgrade the salon with some ionic foot baths. I really liked this one because it detoxes the feet. My clients are very pleased.

Daniel Gill
My husbent use it more than ones a week

My husband works constantly on his feet and often complains of fatigue and pain all over his legs. I decided to make him a gift and solve his problem. The day the ion tub arrived we both tried the it The water got pretty dirty, but that meant it worked. We are both very very pleased. We use it at least twice a week.

Laurie Malone
Feel relaxed and happy after using

My job requires hard physical effort and I am very tired at night. I found this detox bath on the internet and decided to give it a try. I started using it a few times a week and I am very satisfied. The water gets darker, which means I am removing toxins from my body.

Naomi Haynes
The whole family uses it

Very good price for this lovely tub. It's like having a spa at home. I relax every night. Even got my husband and kids addicted. They are also big fans and love cleaning their feet in the bath. We all feel more energized.

Jason Mclaughlin
30 minutes relaxation

I used to get foot treatments at a salon, but it was expensive and took up a lot of my time. I saw this tub and decided to give it a try. It arrived very quickly and the price was super reasonable! Nice material and works very well. After work I just fill it with water and relax for 30 minutes. Great experience.

Kristi Fowler
I detoxified high levels of lead

My daughter has high lead levels so I bought this bath to help her detoxify them. The water turns a quite nasty color but it really helps. My daughter is feeling much better and her lead levels have dropped dramatically.

Horace Miller
I feel fresher

I am very pleased. My mother gave it to me because she used it too and she is very happy. I am often very tired and thanks to this bath I was able to remove all the toxins from my body and feel more refreshed.

Emilio Snyder
I would give as a gift

I like to walk barefoot around the yard, but that way my feet can collect a lot of bacteria. Besides, enclosing our feet in shoes every day isn't very helpful either. I take care of my feet and always take care of them. I decided it was about time I bought a professional footbath and not just soak my feet with salt. I am very happy! The material is very sturdy and nice to the touch. The tub with the pump work beautifully. I would give one to my parents as well.

Irvin Miles
My whole body is fresher

My feet often hurt and my husband gave me this great bath. I use it at least three times a week and it helps me a lot. My feet are much more rested and my body is fresher. I sleep better and don't have headaches anymore.

Steve G
Unique design

The foot bath is highly recommended.

Professional Detox Ionic Foot Bath Spa

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