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"Working like a charm to keep the neighborhood cats out of my landscape areas in front of my house!" -David Green

Infrared Solar Powered Animal Pest Repeller

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Your backyard is overrun with animals? Get rid of them. This Ultrasonic Deer Repeller uses top-of-the-line technology to provide you with an option for repelling unwanted animals and pests of any area.
Your backyard is overrun with animals? Get rid of them. This Ultrasonic Deer Repeller uses top-of-the-line technology to provide you with an option for repelling unwanted animals and pests of any area.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Mark Rice
No more bird intruders

Many birds land on our fruit trees and eat the fruit. This device has helped us drive them away. I highly recommend

Anthony Curtis
No more unwanted animald in my backyard

We live in an area full of rabbits, foxes, deer and other animals. We have often seen all sorts of animals invade our yard and make mischief. I found this device on the internet and decided to use it. A big advantage is that it has solar charging and I don't have to worry if it has a battery. Very efficient and looks cute in our yard.

Jeffery Washington
The best solution to the problem

My son recently bought a house with his wife in a nearby village. Apparently there is a lot of wildlife in that area that bothers them regularly. His wife is quite scared and he has been looking for a solution to the problem for a long time. By chance I came across this product and decided to order him a unit to try. It turned out that the device is unique. No more animals in the yard. He really liked it and ordered 5 more.

Amos Sanders
My mother loves it

I bought this device for my mom. She is a big fan of gardening and suffers a lot when some wild animal comes into the yard and crushes a flower or shrub. My mother is awfully pleased with these little devices. I firstly ordered three and then she has ordered two more.

Margarita Perez
No more holes in my garden

We spend a lot of time fighting badgers and other animals that make horrible holes in our garden. This device has managed to drive them all away. I haven't seen a single hole anymore.

Melanie Goodwin
Great widget

Great widget. I've been looking for something to drive away the pesky animals that come into my yard. Well this device is magic.

Samantha Malone
My hotel is safe now

I own a hotel and we have a large courtyard in the back with an outside restaurant, pond, playground and mini park. We often spot foxes and badgers. Some animals make big holes. This is not good for our customers to see. I was looking for a solution to the problem and this product made it very easy. I first ordered 5 pieces to place around the restaurant and play area. I am very satisfied. Not one animal has come close. After a while I ordered another 15 and have now secured the whole garden.

Doris Jimenez
Does its job perfectly.

The best device. Charges with a solar panel and does its job perfectly.

Gary Guerrero
No more intruders in my yard

It is very easy to place. No more intruders in my yard.

Patsy White
My lavender field is safe

I have a large field of lavender that is far from my house and I worry that it will be spoiled by animals. So I bought three of these devices. Since I don't go there every day it's super that it has a solar panel and I don't have to charge it. It works very well and is easy to set up.