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"Who doesn’t like clean feet? Especially when I have limited mobility. It gets between the toes very well and I enjoy it every time I shower. Nice and cheap and solved my problem." -Stephan Brown

SpaSlippers™ Awesome Foot Scrubber

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Get smoother feet in just 1 to 2 weeks! More than 1000 bristles on top and bottom and embed pumice stone at the heel that cleans and exfoliates your feet gently. You can do your foot spa while taking shower.
Get smoother feet in just 1 to 2 weeks! More than 1000 bristles on top and bottom and embed pumice stone at the heel that cleans and exfoliates your feet gently. You can do your foot spa while taking shower.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Rosa Cooper
For perfect model legs

I'm a model and spend every day wearing different shoes and high heels. I often have calluses and imperfections on my feet and that is unacceptable for models. I constantly take care of them and spend too much money. I ordered one of these slippers to use while showering. I'm so pleased I ordered another one to have for each foot. I feel great after a bath. They save me money and make me feel confident.

Byron Glover
My feet are already clean of calluses

I work as a builder and my feet are in shoes all day. I often have calluses and they hurt a lot. My girlfriend bought me two of these slippers. I am very satisfied. Every day I run my feet through them while showering, and after only a week my feet were clear of the nasty calluses.

Leonard Houston
The best foot care

Amazing foot care at a great price. They remove dead skin from my legs and my body feels much better after use.They massage my feet uniquely.

Estelle Mason
Clean legs for the summer

In the summer I always wear sandals or slippers, but this way the feet get very dirty and can get hurt. Thanks to these cleaning bath slippers my feet are always in perfect condition. They attach tightly to the ground and thanks to this are very comfortable to use.

Kerry Potter
Perfect for people working on the go

I work on my feet all the time and my feet often hurt. I searched for a long time for a way to relieve the pain in my feet and finally found. A revolutionary product at a super low price. These slippers take great care of my feet. I use them every time I bathe.

Vera Morton
I save money on pedicure

Since I got these slippers I don't go for pedicures anymore. It's easier and quicker to clean imperfections from my feet. They are very easy to use and attach securely to the floor without wiggling.

Conrad Gonzales
Clear your feet of calluses and dead skin

It is a unique invention.Very firmly attached to the floor and gives you great pleasure. Cleaning dead skin and calluses from your feet is now super easy.

Erma Peterson
Better than foot masks

I struggle with annoying calluses on my feet a lot. I often make foot masks but they don't give much result. I was looking for a solution and found this revolutionary product. It is very convenient to use and the material is great. I am very satisfied.

Gerardo Todd
Massaging pleasure

Foot care is very important. Massages are very important for good blood circulation. These slippers are unique and made of very durable material. I am very happy.

Della Myers
Super slippers

Super slippers for cleaning feet. I'm very happy with how easily they remove all the imperfections on my feet.

SpaSlippers™ Awesome Foot Scrubber

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